3D Simulated Environments

Simulations and Onboarding Environments

Companies such as Sodexo, Marriott, Mayo Clinic, IBM, PwC and Autodesk have created 3D Virtual Learning Environments. The benefits companies receive by implementing 3D virtual onboarding programs are:

  • New hires quickly, effectively and confidently assimilate to your company's culture, strategy and values.
  • Your company will achieve significant cost-savings by:
    • Reducing down time and cost due to employees traveling to off-site training centers.
    • Reducing cultural, multigenerational, employee disability and time-zone issues - Global access and participation 24/7, Voice Over IP (VOIP), online chat & presentations, easy access to training documentation and interpreters can be provided if desired/requires
  • Offers an effective coaching and mentoring to new employees - helps them gain a better understanding of:
    • Company policies and procedures
    • Job duties and responsibilities

mayo_clinic8Waves International takes you beyond the Real-World" and into the "Metaverse". Immersive 3D virtual environments are perfect for prototyping, virtual meeting space, online training/onboarding, product displays?

Impress your clients and colleagues with your new virtual edge!

3D Immersive Environment Advantages

Customer Auditorium and Kiosk Space. Exterior Design Example

  • Accessible, interactive, multi-user 3D Space
  • Remote 24/7 global access, content accessibility and participation
  • Secure login from any location
  • Multiple channels of communication & data transfer
  • Full integration with media and documents
  • 3D data visualization/modeling/prototyping
  • Collaborative design and prototyping
  • Media & exhibition
  • Avatars can operate as in real world
  • Unlimited variety of custom environments
  • Recruitment and Onboarding - Training and Education
  • Meetings, conferences and events
  • Human resource management
  • Role-playing / scenario-based training

3D Immersive Environment Features

  • Brand Marketing: enhance company/organization presence and awareness
  • Unhindered communication (multilingual, multi-mode)
  • Avatar interactions (team building, collaborating)
  • Supports ? Green IT? business initiatives - reduce carbon footprint
  • Integration with business environment

  • Reduces carbon footprint ? Green alternative
  • Flexible, customizable, changeable
  • Stronger immersion than video conferencing
  • Easy, efficient knowledge transfer (company-wide)

The Value of Onboarding

  • Immediate Cost Reduction       (Travel & Productivity)
  • Recruitment, Team Building & Personal Connections
  • Enhanced Curriculum & Activities

  • 90% of New Employees

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  • 58% More Likely to Stay

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  • Save up to $150,000

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  • 25% Reduced Hire Time

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  • 20% Reduced Travel Time

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Virtual Onboarding Recruitment

Imagine recruits from around the globe arriving on a lush campus, walking through the doors of your company/school's Virtual Onboarding Center. A bright, lively, well-designed complex full of displays, interactive games, team calendars, project information, meeting rooms, libraries, auditorium, labs and most importantly, team members and staff.

A small team of recruits discuss and play with models of products floating in the air while another asks HR staff questions about procedures. As recruits explore the Center's interactive games and displays together, they are immersed in your company/school's cultures and values while bonding with their teams. New employees can call your staff on video phones for support. New employees quickly become excited, confident team members and build rapport with team managers. Onboarding has begun?

  • 250+ colleges/universities in Second LifeTM
  • Virtual World demographics: tech savvy, internationally-based, college grads
  • Manpower, IBM and others recruit, onboard and manage HR using Second LifeTM.

3D Immersive Auditorium Environment

A Conference Center can be designed as a venue to facilitate virtual presentations and large meetings. Your company/school will save money on travel costs while providing your employees/students with the ability to virtually attend. Never miss a meeting, class or seminar. Dynamic PowerPoint demonstrations, RSS feeds, website integration, question handling, crowd control and more! 8Waves offers each presenter easy to use presentation controls. Sequence slides with a click of a button. Presentation documentation can be shared with attendees.

Virtual Onboarding Training Centers - Curriculum & Activities

A Training Center can be designed as a venue to provide virtual training. Your company/school will save money on travel costs while providing expert training to your employees, customers or students. Virtual training programs may consist of; computer certification programs, software systems, new employee orientation, refresher training?

Based on IBM findings using Virtual Onboarding. Retention rates of complex subjects:

  • Lecture-based instruction: 5% - 10%
  • Discussion-based activities: 40% - 50%
  • Simulation with avatars (virtual world): 70 - 90%

traning_center2Training rooms come with polling facilities, videos, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations and so much more!

training_center3Training Centers provide means for secured sign-on connections, take away materials, one on one tutoring, or group consultations!

Media Library Design

Media Library and Vendor Showcase Booth Prototypes

Vendors can participate and conduct Real-life Business and financial transactions in a virtual-life Environment.

Vendor showcase booths can be created as a venue to showcase products and services.

8Waves Virtual Library

A Library can be established as a venue to provide a place to access new reading material such as: white papers, books and magazines right at your fingertips!

Books can be copied for transport and protected through encryption!

Perfect for book clubs, social networking groups, discussion groups or personal reading. Books, magazines, white papers, newsletters, periodicals and any other printed source can be distributed to your groups. 8Waves can interface with any website making it as easy as the click of a button to purchase books within the immersive environment directly from online bookstores such as Amazon.com, Chegg.com, Bigwords.com, AbeBooks.com, DealOz.com?

8Waves Virtual Board Room

Boardrooms can be established as a venue to provide a virtual meeting place. Your company will save money on travel costs while providing a mechanism for your teams to meet. As many companies have national and global representation a boardroom makes it easy for you to meet in a multi-dimensional location.

Meet with co-workers within a secured access and privacy setting. Set up may contain video, PowerPoint, podcasting and typed chat and recordings.

Office Space Prototype

Meeting Room Examples

Customer Kiosk Prototype

3D Immersive Office Space

Ask us about how 8Waves can personalize your customer kiosk prototype.

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Avatar Examples

Avatar used by President Obama during his election

8Waves's Design Team creates avatars in your likeness.

Design the Avatar of your dreams!

Department of Transportation (FMCSA)

Training Center Interior  Design & Avatar Example

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