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“Whether we’re working with a local flower shop, or a multimillion dollar company – The goal is the same: Craft, develop, and deliver a future-friendly, scalable, and responsive website that fosters a positive user experience, gains relevance, and accomplishes our clients’ objectives.”

Joseph Poirier, Chief Operating Officer

  • Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites

What does your website say about your company? “Everything.” 94% of B2B buyers and 81% of consumers will research companies and products online prior to making a decision. Let’s convey your message to them loud and clear.

  • Business, Brochure, or Catalog Website

Business, Brochure, or Catalog Website

Not to be confused with ecommerce websites, a catalog or brochure site may simply display an array of offerings without the ability to complete an online purchase. Together, we can attract your target audience and skillfully lead them to your desired result.

  • Ecommerce


Your consumer will find that our ecommerce solutions are seamless, thorough, and make for an enjoyable buying experience. We’ll bring them back to purchase again! Our team will professionally integrate every aspect of a successful store, Email, CRM, shipping solutions, shopping cart, SEO, API, merchant accounts. 8 Waves Creative has built million-dollar ecommerce sites from the ground up. Your bigger problem might be making sure you have the inventory to fulfill the orders!

  • Blog Sites

Blog Sites

So you have some information you’d like the world to hear? Let’s make sure your foundation is properly set for worldwide traffic. If you want your message heard, it’s vital that appropriate SEO features are present. We are capable to build your site for you – or could act on a consultative basis, enabling successful client administration.

  • Intranet


Streamline your organization’s processes, spur collaboration, improve productivity, and simplify corporate communications utilizing our tailored Intranet solutions.

  • Responsive & Mobile

Responsive & Mobile

If your site isn’t responsive to all devices and sizes, your audience is diminishing quickly! 8 Waves Creative can improve your current site, or craft your new website. We will ensure that visitors from popular devices of all sizes have a simplified and positive experience.

  • Hosting


8 Waves Creative’s virtual private servers offer 99.8% guaranteed up time. Robust onshore servers ensure quick load times and security features.

  • Maintenance


Websites are either advancing and improving, or they’re declining and dying. There’s just no middle ground. Structured and cost effective maintenance services will keep your site on an upward trend.

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