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Marc Ouellet

The gang at 8 Waves did an amazing job on my website. They were just fabulous to deal with. Really cool and thorough process. I’m already getting new traffic and clients from the site. Thank you Sharon, Joe and the whole gang!

Author: Joseph Poirier

Joe built his first website in 2003. Way back then, he moved his Real Estate company into email marketing and then social media marketing on MySpace – yes, you read that right – MySpace. Since then, he’s stayed immersed with all digital marketing channels and is a guru at ‘all things Google.’ Analytics, SEO and simplifying/optimizing complex sales funnels are his passions in the digital world, while his daughter, fishing, and various non-profits rule his free time.

Marc Ouellet Owner / Ouellet Realty Group July 12, 2021