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Digital marketing is (still) the world’s newest up-and-coming super-weapon that everyone has access to. As the world continues to digitize, investing your time and your money in strong digital marketing is going to be a worthwhile endeavor; If, and only if, you’re eager to see your brand/company grow.

TikTok is Trending

Marketing on social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to reach a vast audience. But, while each platform has a diverse audience, certain platforms boast different benefits. For example, TikTok is a videTikTok Digital Marketing Basicso-sharing platform that has grown in popularity at an extremely fast rate. With over 100 million active users monthly, TikTok is a powerful new tool for marketing since so many eyes may see your content.

TikTok is very efficient for reaching local audiences as well as worldwide audiences. nThe platform’s algorithm will seek out viewers who may be drawn in by your content—especially if you use hashtags! Adding #boston, #northernmass, or #newengland (as examples) into a TikTok’s caption can instantly connect your content with viewers who frequent accounts that use similar hashtags.

Critical to all social media marketing is that you do more than just create and share content. Follow the accounts of other local businesses in your industry! Interact with their accounts by liking, commenting, or even sharing their content. Maintaining a lively profile is going to keep your account fresh and different platforms’ algorithms will continue showing your account to other viewers.

Don’t be shortsighted

Many businesses quickly dismiss Social Media platforms because their users are ‘too young’.   To that point, the most prevalent and active users on TikTok are age 19 or younger.  Here’s some food for thought: this audience will be spending their own money in a few short years. Would it be valuable to you if they were loyal to your brand now? What’s more is that while about 30% of TikTok users are under the age of 19, the remaining age groups are downloading the app at a very fast rate.

Become an Investor (of Sorts)

Digital Marketing Infographic

Content Investment: Beauty for the Beholder’s Eye

Digital marketing efforts are not going to be fruitful, however, if you aren’t presenting very high-quality content to your audiences.

infographic spending on digital marketing

Professional photography for photo-sharing platforms and professional videography for video-sharing platforms will make a world of difference as opposed to using your smartphone’s camera. Viewers enjoy seeing beautiful, high resolution content and will continue interacting with your account(s) if your content is worth viewing.

Marketing efforts are not worth being stingy about. Strong digital marketing could make the difference between your company and a competitor when a potential client is levying their options.

Time Investment: (Worth the) Wait

One common trend we’ll recommend you do not entertain is giving up on your digital marketing campaign too soon. The launching of a brand new website or first post on Instagram or Facebook isn’t going to function like a finger-snap that brings in a plethora of new customers. In fact, the first few weeks and months of your digital marketing efforts may not bring with them a surplus of new business.

Digital marketing is a matter of growth, and you must tend to your digital marketing (or hire someone to do it for you), and it will reward you in the long run. If you’re two months into your digital marketing efforts and feel discouraged, we implore you to hang on longer.

Digital marketing yields results the same way that exercising does. You may not see any extreme changes if you’ve only been exercising for two months. But wait six to twelve months and those changes start bubbling to the surface. The same can be said for digital marketing. The best things are worth waiting for.

Education Investment: Watch and Learn

Still feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing or looking at a new Social Media Strategy? It’s not an untamable beast—we promise. Remember that the Internet is littered with resources to help you gain a basic understanding of the digital marketing world.

While a platform like YouTube is great for digital marketing (videos are in!), it also has a lot of educational videos you could be watching right now. Consider spending some time surfing through YouTube with searches like “Which social media platform is best for *insert industry name*?”.  Or, “What are the basics of digital marketing?”, “When will I see more business from digital marketing?”. We have no doubt you’ll find some fun, well-made resources. Give it a try! (And we’re always open to your questions too!)




Show, Don’t Tell

Speaking of videos and video-sharing sites, it’s worth noting how popular videos are today and how much potential they have to draw in an audience!

Notoriously less work than reading a dump of words, a video does all the work for your viewers and has a better chance of spreading your brand name than a post that only has text does.

Furthermore, screens are getting smaller and smaller and text on a small screen is going to be an immediate deterrent to many viewers, but a video can play well on any screen and convey its message. Even if your videos merely complement your wordage, they’re well worth the work.

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